Edmonton, Alberta

 A unique laughter team-bonding experience 

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12% greater productivity

in employees after only 10 minutes

of laughter according to research

The Laughing Hour offers opportunities for you to laugh.

We are fully dedicated to providing a unique team-bonding experience helping create a positive and stress-free workplace.

More commonly known as laughter yoga, this laughing technique does not require any yoga poses nor to perform stand-up comedy shows.


All it relies on is YOUR willingness to set your serious mask aside and blow off some steam while having a good laugh.

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" What an incredible workshop!


We had a Laughing Hour before our annual meeting which is usually very high in tension. Thanks to all the laughter before, the atmosphere during our meeting was positive and optimistic.

I highly recommend The Laughing Hour! "


- Tarek Henoud, Director

Laughter is the best medicine, they say.

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Edmonton, Alberta