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Laughing is good on so many different levels !

Research on the benefits of laughing is a hot topic in modern times. Moreover, the Laughter Yoga University International is advancing the world's knowledge and awareness on laughing everyday.


What are you waiting for ?


Let's make the most out of this practice !

  • Secretion of the happy stuff (endorphin and serotonin)

  • Stress release

  • Stimulates socialisation

  • Immune system booster due to the increase production of lymphs

  • Increase in well-being and self confidence

  • Pain relief

  • Increase in dopamine

  • Softens our attitudes towards daily challenges

  • Increase moments of laughter in our daily routines

  • An increase of 3 to 5 times more oxygen in our bodies

  • Favorises blood circulation

  • Helps with digestion and waste management due to the internal massage laughing gives your intestines

  • Decrease in cortisol levels

  • Favorise circulation of lymph nodes  *lymph nodes are what cleans your bloodstream from unwanted invaders*

  • Decreases adrenaline

  • Decreases anxiety, fear, and depression

  • Encourages relaxation for your muscles and your brain

  • Favours creativity

Physical Constraints

There are some reasons why laughing might not be good for certain individuals. The Laughing Hour only wants your very best, therefore please review this list to make sure none of these constraints apply to you.

  • Hernia

  • Bleeding hemorrhoids

  • Heart problems with chest problems

  • Incontinence in women

  • Major surgeries within the last three months

  • Epilepsy (take expert opinion)

  • Sever backache (ex. slipped disc)

  • Pregnancy within last two month (take expert opinion)

  • Severe cold and flu (more as a respect to others)

Source: Laughter Yoga International University, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Manual: Edition 2017.

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