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It's proven - happy employees result as an increase in productivity. Offer an out-of-the-ordinary stress-relief and team bonding opportunity to your staff !

Whether it's for a portion of your annual team-bonding event, your office Christmas event, or because your employees are under a lot of stress - The Laughing Hour can customize it's services to your event.

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Adjusting the hour length

We know that your time is valuable, therefore the hour can be adjusted to half an hour if that caters to your needs.  We do recommend an hour for the full benefits, but we understand the reality of time limits. 


On the other side, it is also possible to go longer than an hour in order to go in depth on the subject of laughter.  

Standing  -OR-  Sitting

The Laughing Hour is usually done standing up as we want to have everyone moving and interacting. If you want to book the Laughing Hour during a sit-down conference, we will totally manage. We might ask the individuals in the room to stand up in-front of their chairs. 

In the case where everyone is sitting down, no yoga mat / blanket / pillow will be needed for the relaxation portion of the session.

Non-profit organisations

If you are a non-profit organisation, you benefit from a discount !


Contact us to learn more.

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