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Happier staff  =  Happier business.


The Laughing Hour caters unique themed laughter activities.


This style of laughter helps participants relate to real life challenges as your computer shutting down before saving an important file.


We can't help retrieve the document, but The Laughing Hour workshop will certainly help soften the situation with some laughter the next time it happens.

Choose your package

Fun O'clock

1 session

An out-of-the-ordinary laughter activity done from the comfort of your office. This introduction to laughter yoga is a perfect addition to your corporate event or to release stress after some hard work. Participants are left feeling joyous, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

This package includes:

+ Introduction to laughter yoga

+ Laughing, Music, Fun

+ Learning about laughter benefits

+ How to bring more laughter in our lives

3 sessions

The Happy Staff package is for business's that value their employee's mental health. Your brain is a muscle that can be trained. The more you laugh, the more your happiness pathway is stimulated in the brain. 

This package includes:

+ Fun O'clock package 

+ 2 luncheons with research based wellness presentations


Ultimate Wellness

7 sessions

The best company in the world! This package is for business's who value embracing healthy habits in order to show up fully in your career and personal life. The Ultimate Wellness package offers laughing sessions paired with research based presentations on wellness and science proved happiness habits.

This package includes:

+ Fun O'clock package

+ 2 luncheons (wellness studies)

+ 4 luncheons (research based happiness habits)


*Prices vary according to the number of participants

*Prices vary according to the number of participants

*Prices vary according to the number of participants

Happy Staff

" This exercise bonded the department substantially.


Typically there are cliques, that did not exist after the event. I felt energized, relaxed and very happy!! "


- Calvin Wait, Director of Facility Services

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