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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's go through the list of questions that come around quite often.


Are these yoga poses difficult or beginner level ? 

Funny enough, even though this practice is called laughter yoga, there are no yoga poses during the Laughing Hour. The reason it is called laughter yoga is because of the breathing techniques occurring during the practice. 

Feeling a little shy ? 

It's okay! The facilitator will gradually walk the entire group through the exercise. And, we all know you love to laugh!

What do I need to bring ? 

Why bring a yoga mat ? 

We typically end with a relaxation period at there end of the Laughing Hour. These relaxation sessions are either done in a seated position or laying done. In the latter case, a yoga mat would allow you to be more comfortable. 


Can anyone participate in the Laughing Hour ? 


Yes, everyone can participate ! There are however a few reasons why certain individuals might not be able to participate in the Laughing Hour just now. To review the list of constraints, click here.  *at the bottom of the page*

What if I begin experiencing pain during the Laughing Hour ? 

We don't want any new pain to occur during the workshops. Therefore, we highly recommend to do each exercise to the extent you feel capable of without forcing your bodies in ways that hurt you. If you start feeling uncomfortable, you are more than welcome to take a seat and relax, or do the exercises from a seated position.

How can I prepare for the Laughing Hour ? 

Prepare mentally to be laughing. Also, prepare to let loose. No one is here to judge and everyone is required to come with an open mind. 

Will there be pictures taken during the Laughing Hour ? 

Most probably, but not always. If ever we do take pictures, a waiver will be signed beforehand. If we do take pictures, it is for promotional purposes. We understand not everyone likes taking pictures, therefore we will respect your decision. 

What are the benefits to laughing ? 

Goodness, the list is quite long! Amongst the most popular are stress release, pain relief, the brain releasing feel good messages to your body, and self-confidence. For the complete list of benefits, click here.

How should I dress ? 


Dress with comfortable clothes. You might even sweat a little after laughing so much. 

Where does this laughing practice come from ? 

The Laughing Hour comes from a practice called laughter yoga developed in India by Dr. Madan Kataria. What he began in 1995 with only five individuals in a park is now practiced in more than 100 countries around the world.

  1. Comfortable clothes

  2. Comfortable shoes

  3. Water bottle

  4. Yoga mat, blanket, or pillow to sit on

  5. Your willingness to smile and laugh !

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