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Learn what the media is saying about The Laughing Hour !


TV  -  Watch what the CLUB (Laughter Workout) looks like with the video captured by CTV News. And watch the interview with the founder and instructor of The Laughing Hour, Maude Bombardier. 


ARTICLE  -  Read and learn about what practice The Laughing Hour comes from. Something called laughter yoga, but no yoga is involved.


RADIO  -  Laughter is contagious. Try listening to CBC Radio's segment on The Laughing Hour without smiling... And learn more about the benefits to laughing.  


TV  (French)  -  Maude Bombardier, the founder of The Laughing Hour, is bilingual and offers French laughing sessions too. 


ARTICLE  (French)  -  Seniors homes is just one of many places The Laughing Hour holds laughing sessions. 

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