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Laughing is all about feel-good vibes and healthy habits. When done in a group setting, it allows human connections to occur. Adding the Laughing Hour in your retreat schedule will have everyone loosen up and feel fantastic.

Whether it's a mindfulness retreat, a rehabilitation retreat, or a business retreat  - The Laughing Hour can customize it's services to your needs.

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Adjusting the hour length

According to the time frame you have during the retreat, the Laughing Hour can adjust it's hour. The session ends with a 5 - 10 minute relaxation period. It is very possible to extend the hour in order to prolong the relaxation period to deepen it's effects.

Weekend retreats

The Laughing Hour is even more beneficial when done repeatedly, and a daily laughing session would definitely create a positive ambiance during the retreat. We also love to travel and visit all parts of the world. Let us know where your retreat is taking place.

Contact us to see if we can join your retreat !

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