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Optimize children's learning! Amazing results occur when children are happy. Workshops are offered from grades 1 till 12 (and up to University, really).

Whether it's for the end-of-the-school-year activity day, the after-school program, for the entire school or for one classroom - the Laughing Hour can customize it's services to your event.

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Adjusting the hour length

We know recess hours and class time lengths are managed differently from one school to the next, therefore we can work around the time you have for the each session. The group's average age definitely plays a factor in the length recommended for a session. 

Grades 7 and beyond : an hour is perfect !

Grades 4 till 6 : 45 minutes is ideal.

Preschool till grade 3 : 30 - 35 minutes is just fine.

Contact us to discuss the time frames your school has to work with.

Space & Group size

The group size depends on the space available to hold the Laughing Hour session, and vice versa. The students will be moving, hence we will need an open space. A classroom space is perfect for a group of 30 if all the desks and chairs are stacked in a corner (may vary according to the size of the classroom).

It is possible to hold the Laughing Hour for an entire school while being in the gymnasium. The session will in this case require the students to stay seated and occasionally standing in one spot. All teachers will also be required to supervise their groups.

Curriculum components

The Laughing Hour definitely fits in your curriculum ! Please view the list below:

List to come . . .

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