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The golden age too often comes with increased moments of solitude and a lack of human connection. The Laughing Hour will help break their routine and bring them some joy.

Whether it's directly in a senior home, or a weekly recreational activity  - The Laughing Hour can customize it's services to your needs.

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Adjusting the hour content

Laughing is beneficial for your health, yes. It can also be quite demanding cardio-wise when it comes to an older crowd. The Laughing Hour therefore adjust's the time laughing by integrating more breathing exercises  in the session.


The golden age individuals also love to learn and talk, therefore more time is granted to discuss the benefits of laughter.

Standing  -OR-  Sitting

The laughing exercises are all chosen in consideration that some participants in the crowd will be standing, while other participants will be sitting for the entire practice. The Laughing Hour makes a clear announcement at the beginning of the session that no new pain is to gain during the session, therefore alternatives for each exercise will be suggested along the way.

Individuals with restricted movement abilities are also more than welcome to sit in the room to watch. The positive and joyful energy from the participants laughing around them will definitely boost their mood.

Contact us to discuss how everyone can be included during the Laughing Hour.

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