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Happy staff  =  Happy business

Including Laughter in Your Workplace


your brain can't tell the difference between a real laugh and a forced laugh.

brain 2.png

Since your brain can't tell the difference, the benefits whether you are faking it or laughing for real at the same!

Your brain prepares a "happiness cocktail" including endorphines and serotonin - basely the same cocktail you receive when you exercise. 

And yes, laughing can be quite the exercise!

Workplace Benefits

Research Based



Stress Release

Problem Solving

When to book a Laughing Hour

  • Staff appreciation day (Wellness day)

  • Icebreaker during your conference

  • When all remote employees are in town

  • Before a stressful or heavy meeting

  • During your business retreat / party

  • When your staff is over-stressed

  • To surprise your staff

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