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from clients we worked with...

" What an incredible workshop!..."

Tarek Henoud

Desjardins Assurances


" What an incredible workshop! We had a Laughing Hour before our annual meeting which is usually very high in tension. Thanks to all the laughter before, the atmosphere during our meeting was positive and optimistic. I highly recommend The Laughing Hour! "

"... bonded the department substantially."

" This exercise bonded the department substantially. Typically there are cliques, that did not exist after the event. I felt energized, relaxed and very happy!! "

Calvin Wait

Elk Island Public Schools

Director (Facility Services)

"Laughter did find it's way into the meeting"

Natalie Huska

Living Sounds 

Registered Practitioner

" Thank you very much!  I felt so relaxed for the meeting and I giggled the whole way home thinking about the experience. Laughter did finds it's way into the meeting. "

"... feeling pure raw, joy."

Tawsha  Dawn

Jigsaw For Hair


" We loved it. It was an exhilarating experience I highly recommend to everyone and anyone. It took ALL of us completely out of our comfort zone, then brought us all back feeling pure raw, joy. "

"We need more of these laughing hours... "


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" Such a wonderful experience. I attended the laughing hour with my 14 year old daughter and we had a blast. Maude Bombardier is amazing at what she does. Laughter is the best medicine. We need more of these laughing hours happening around the community and all over the world.

"Maude does an excellent job... "

" This was the most fun I’ve had in a while! It was refreshing, out of my comfort zone, but yet still a safe zone. Maude does an excellent job at making everyone feel at ease and that it’s ok to look crazy sometimes haha! I would totally recommend this to everyone and to do it more than once! I love the story about it and how the benefits of laughing whether faking it or not, have tremendous benefits to our health. Great job and I look forward to participating again and again! "


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"... you definitely will not regret... "


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" If you want to laugh and have a great time, this is the go to class!!! Maude is so committed to making her hour of laughing yoga fun that you definitely will not regret joining her!! "

"... so good for the soul... "

" I attended The Laughing Hour in Edmonton after interviewing Maude on the P.O.P Rock and Talk SSTV Channel. I was so impressed with Maude’s beauty, spirit and ability to educate all of us on the benefits of Laughing ... so good for the soul and a reflection of Maude being a Person of Passion. "


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